Thursday, 25 May 2017

Its been some time since I posted on here I haven't just got lazy no! I have been busy building the new website Yorkshire river angler .com not yet online but in the next few weeks ill post the link when its all completed. So tight lines to you all and roll on the 16th.

Friday, 24 February 2017


See our new post on the Wellingborough-district-nene-angling-club we get emails about fishing the river NNene quite a lot so here is a post one one of the good clubs that has water on this popular river. Nene

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

River Don

The river Don rises in the Peak District, on Great Grains Moss, a millstone grit moorland area between 1,480 and 1,570 feet above sea level. and flows 70 miles eastwards and eventually flows into Ouse at Goole .the lower Don originally meandered in a north-easterly direction across the marshland of Hatfield Chase to enter the Trent just above its junction with the Ouse. A second channel flowed to the north, along a Roman channel called Turnbridgedike The eastern channel formed the boundary between Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. In the Hatfield Level drainage project which started in 1626, the Dutch civil engineer Cornelius Vermuyden diverted the Don northwards along Turnbridgedike.It is known today as the Dutch river The main tributaries of the don are the rivers Loxley, Sheaf,Rother,and the River Dearne.river don doncaster
The Don flows from Winscar Reservoir towards Penistone, Oxspring Deepcar Oughtibridge and onwards towards Sheffield where it flows to the rear of Hillsborough Sheffield Wednesday FC
Across the city and into through Rotherham then across to Mexborough  Sprotbrough then to Doncaster.The river becomes tidal at Crimpsall sluice at Doncaster and these tidal reaches hold some huge fish but local knowledge is a must.
The fishing on the Don is improving year on year It has been transformed in such a relatively short space of time when you consider that the river has been fishless for decades due to pollution from heavy industry and threats from Dam construction in the upper reaches. Today you can take a walk along the riverbank and see fishermen enjoying their sport all along the river.
Around Deepcar Tin mill Angling Club have the fishing right about a mile and a half of fishing on the Don see their website Tin mill year membership is around £35.

The South Yorkshire Police Angling Club SYPAC has plenty of water with lakes and ponds and a nice stretch of the river Don just above Hillsborough stadium perch roach trout and grayling are the order but be careful as the banks can be slippery. to join please see here. join

Further, downstream into Sheffield and Rotherham there are lots of free fishing, and it's worth going to have a look and drive around looking for areas to fish , the forums here are a great help, and a quick search on the river Don will bring up some good spots to fish.river don doncaster
Kilnhurst anglers have a great stretch of river below Rotherham Books are available from fishing republic at Darfield [01226 752300]  at around £17 or from Phoenix and Parkgate  AC The stretch is about a mile long and contains chub good barbel roach pike perch some very good grayling . see here for more details.  Don Kilnhurst   

Downstream of kilnhurst the river flows past Swinton and Mexborough collecting the river Dearne and onto Sprotborough where Rotherham and District Anglers and  Doncaster and District Angling Association have water, Doncaster water is from Sprotborough to Crimpsall Sluice .Rotherham have the opposite bank at the weir. Doncaster 

Below Crimpsall the river is tidal and its local knowledge that comes into its own on how to fish the river. so go along to Stainforth Angling centre 01302 846623 The shop owner is a hive of information and if you fancy a crack on the tidal Don it's always best to get the lowdown.  As with most of the Don, the tidal river is free fishing [subject to permission on private land] The tidal river is a huge and mostly untapped ,there are a few locals who fish it and post in the facebook forum's so that's a great place to start your lower Don fishing.
Facebook pages
For videos on the Don see below also see our you tube site for videos on the Don and other Yorkshire rivers click on this link.cheers. UK FISHING

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

River Calder

We had a look at the river a few weeks before in wakefield near chantry bridge , the weir pool and the run off looked inviting , the access didn't, we fished at a good sized peg lower down one evening but only had knocks from small fish so a day was planned to have a proper go at the river,  A Calder day.
a calder day
River Calder
We fished downstream in the deeper water for a few hours and with only a small perch to show we decided to tool up and don our waders and try and get up to the weir pool near the Hepworth museum, with Russ going first as he had chest waders and I only possessed thigh waders , we edged our way but I was soon out of my depth so plan B came into operation
The weather was good so we were dry and had a minimum of tackle. We crossed the road  [which was some feat in itself] and jumped over the bridge wall and fought our way to the river  we did this but it was very steep and the bushes took some getting through so plan B wasn't a good idea but it got us there , we decided plan C was the better option for getting out after fishing ; jump the wall into the museum grounds and walk out .!
a calder day
myself fishing the Calder
We tried various methods in the weir pool from fishing with a ledger bouncing it off the wall to float fishing and freelined pellet and worm it made a nice change to fish a run off from a weir and try these great methods of fishing and an afternoon passed with some nice fish and lots of laughs,
We chatted to a few local anglers and they were all saying that the barbel were not as abundant  but there were roach chub grayling perch trout dace ,I'm sure there are barbel there or lower down the river but getting them out is another thing entirely , we did have chub perch and trout so we were happy with the day,s fishing so as the afternoon started to turn into early evening we jumped over the museum wall and drove home talking about a future visit to this interesting river.

[mapsmarker marker="143"]

A Calder day
Calder Weir in Wakefield
The river is very fishable and a Calder day is well worth a go if you fancy it , it is largely untapped with huge sections of it that never see a rod , so if you fancy being an intrepid angler and go exploring then the Calder is for you , the fish are there. There are also clubs with good sections of the river on their books. please see below a list of the clubs that have water on the Calder.